Our Sustainable Future

by Bar Band

'Our Sustainable Future’ – the Framework for Sustainable Development in Ireland identifies some 70 measures to be implemented across government and tasks a high-level inter-departmental group with ensuring that the vision set out in the policy document is translated into clear and effective action. The Framework, if it is to be successfully implemented, requires a cross-sectoral, whole-of-Government approach.

‘Our Sustainable Future’ sets out the challenges facing us and proposes actions to promote clean energy, more sustainable approaches to agriculture and transport, and for the conservation and management of our natural resources to ensure their sustainability for future generations. It also charts progress achieved since sustainable development became the global focus of attention. Also see Our Sustainable Future - Summary and Our Sustainable Future Progress Report 2014

The 2015 Progress Report  is the latest update on the 70 measures to create a more sustainable Ireland.

As outlined in the update report, Ireland continues to move in the right direction generally across the spectrum of sustainable development goals. As economic activity increases, maintaining the focus on sustainability in parallel with economic recovery and growth is vital to the success of the programme.


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