About Bar-Band


Bar-Band is dedicated to, and advocates for, a more sustainable hospitality industry. Bar-Band was inspired by, and developed, to reduce the use of paper labels, tapes, and other single use methods used within the bar trade when labelling or colour coding bottles.


Meet The Team

 Founder Mia Matkovic, and partner Luke O'Meara were inspired to develop Bar-Bands following peer-to-peer discussions over concerns of unsustainable hospitality practices. With a combined 16 years of hospitality experience, the duo came together on their shared passion for the bar industry and sustainable living to develop Bar-Band.


Our Product

Bar-Bands are made using Silicone, a rubber-like compound made using Silicon. Silicon is a naturally occurring element and is the second most abundant element found in Earth's crust after oxygen. 

By using silicone, Bar-Bands have a naturally durable lifespan of up to 10 years, are machine washable, recyclable, non-reactive, non-toxic, and resistant to warping, oxidative deterioration (natural aging), and extreme temperatures from −40 to 200 °C.

By choosing Bar-Band, and other silicone products, you can reduce your dependency on toxic, single-use plastics. With their long life-span and reusability it is also a smart and sustainable business choice!



Have a question?

Don't be shy, get in touch and contact us at bar.band.ireland@gmail.com